Lobaro Maintenance Tool

Screenshot Lobaro-Tool

Supports the PC based configuration of all Lobaro IoT sensors.

It is intended to be used in conjunction with our USB configuration adapter.


  • Change static sensor configuration
  • Perform firmware updates for your Lobaro devices
  • Live monitoring of device diagnostic output
  • Save diagnostric output into *.txt file

System Requirements

  • Operating system:

    • MacOS X
    • Windows 7/10
    • Linux
  • Browser

    • Firefox
    • Chrome
    • Edge

USB Driver

The CP2102 USB driver MUST to be installed before using the Lobaro-tool.

CP2102 Driver Download

Download & Installation

macOS / Linux

After downloading the "lobaro-tool" file, e.g. to a directory "lobaro" in your home path. Then make the tool file executable:

cd ~/lobaro
chmod +x lobaro-tool


After downloading simply start the "lobaro-tool.exe" with double click.

Alternativly download the windows installer and start this.


Windows might show up a security warning and ask you to proceed anyway. This is behavior is normal.


1.4.9 - 17.09.2019

  • Fix a bug where flashing firmware fails due to UART buffer issues

1.4.4 - 11.09.2019

  • Fix a bug that failed to flash very big firmware files.
  • Add delays when communicating with Bootloader to avoid timing issues.
  • Flash command now support --verbose flag

1.4.3 - 30.07.2019

  • Fix a bug where writing the config does not work.

1.4.2 - 29.07.2019

  • Fix a bug where the program hangs up while connecting to a wrong serial port in "auto" mode.
  • Fix a bug where the tool crashes when flashing the firmware while not connected.

1.4.0 - 10.08.2018

  • Log Tool events like Connect, Disconnect, Read Config, etc. to UART Log
  • Switch to firmware mode after connecting with "auto" port

1.3.4 - 09.08.2018

  • Always switch to Firmware run mode after: Connect, Load Config, Restore Config.


  • Internet Explorer support

1.3.2 - 09.07.2018

  • Fix reading configs bigger than 256 Bytes (needed for wMbus Bridge)

1.3.0 - 21.03.2018

  • Improve connection detection
  • Allow to connect to specific serial port
  • Do not reset to boot mode when connecting to selected serial port

1.2.5 - 07.03.2018

  • Fix issues with loading a configuration file. Default is now "config.yaml"
  • Remove horizontal scrollbars in tabs
  • Add "Set Time" button to send "time=" via UART
  • Add send UART input below Log
  • Display if Firmware or Booloader is running
  • Add success message when loading config

1.2.4 - 07.03.2018

  • Allow to replace assets e.g. the logo by placing /assets/logo.png next to the executable

1.2.3 - 05.03.2018

  • Log Timestamp in UART log file on disk
  • Allow to set http server ip and port to allow remote access

1.2.2 - 19.02.2018

1.2.0 - 16.02.2018

  • Fix Serial port issues that appear on MAC, Linux and in rare cases on Windows

1.2.0 - 15.02.2018

  • Log UART output to file in $HOME/.lobaro/


  • Restore Default Config
  • Close button
  • Closing the browser window now also shut down the server