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A Parser takes raw input from the Sensor API and converts the data into a unified format used by the Dashboard. In addition the parser can access an API to set device level properties and additional meta information outside of the actual data record.

Parsers are organized in 3 levels:

  • Hardcoded default parser
  • DeviceType parser
  • Device parser

When no parser on device level is defined, the parser for the device type will be executed. When no parser for the device type is defined, a hardcoded default parser will be executed.

Parsers are written in JavaScript.


function Parse(input) {
  var dataStr = atob(;
  var data = bytes(dataStr);

  // Decode an incoming message to an object of fields.
  var decoded = {input: input};

  return decoded;

JS Parser API

Helper functions

// Bytes can convert binary data to byte array
// atob converts Base64 string to byte string
var bytes = bytes(atob("aGFsbG8gYmFzZTY0"));

// Convert Base64 to byte array, shortcut for bytes(atob(...))
var bytes = parseBase64("aGFsbG8gYmFzZTY0");

// Convert bytes to string
var str = string(bytes);

// byte parsing helper
uint16BE(bytes, idx);
uint16LE(bytes, idx);
uint32BE(bytes, idx);
uint32LE(bytes, idx);
float32LE(bytes, idx);
float32BE(bytes, idx);

Special parser functions

// Parse wMbus message

// Takes bytes of a partial message and a cacheKey
// In context of the receiving device all data with the same cacheKey 
// is concatinated and the restult returned
// To start a new message, pass a new cacheKey
var joined = Parser.joinPartial(bytes, cacheKey);

// Clears all data with the given cacheKey 
// returns the joined parts that were added by joinPartial before
var joined = Parser.clearPartial(cacheKey);

// Equivalent to clearPartial followed by joinPartial
var joined = Parser.newPartial(cacheKey);

All functions are optional. Not calling them will not change any data.

Update the physical location of the sensor

Device.setLocation(lon, lat)

Set an device config value, displayed on the "Config" tab of the device

Device.setConfig("key", "value");

Set an arbitary device property, displayed on the "Overview" tab of the device

Device.setProperty("key", "value");

Get an arbitary device property, displayed on the "Overview" tab of the device

var value = Device.getProperty("key");

Set the Sensor time of the current data record. Used for display, filter, sorting

Record.setTime(new Date());

Get the time when the data was received by the server in ms, compatible with new Date(...).