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GPS-Tracker Hardware Revisions

Our GPS-Tracker has been developed over several years. The Hardware has been improved, which lead to some compatibility breaking changes. The current hardware revision is Lobaro LoRaWAN GPS 3, which runs the firmware starting with v7.0.0. Older hardware revisions are no longer sold, but in some cases you might still require a firmware update for a previously acquired device. If you are unsure, which hardware revision your device is, you can find out with the information on this page.

Current Revision: HW v3

The most recent revision of the LoRaWAN GPS/GSNN Tracker is 3, labeled Lobaro LoRaWAN GPS 3 in the bottom right corner of the circuit board. It has the order number 8000116. You can also easily identify it by the position of the reset button in the center of the board, as well as the config port on the left side, opposite of the antenna. Please compare with the image bellow.

Revision 3 needs to run a firmware starting with version 7.0.0. Usage of the device is described in the GPS-Tracker Manual, HW3.

Order number: 8000116
Hardware Revision 3

Previous Revision: HW v2

Previous revisions of the Lobaro LoRaWAN GPS-Tracker where built with a small additional board between the battery clips. On the board would be printed GPS Addon 2.x (e.g. 2.1 as in the image below). You can easily identify revision 2 by the blue and black cable (not green) connecting the small addon strip with the main board, as can be seen in the images below. This revision was available in the small white casing for use with two AA-batteries (order number: 8000014) or in a bigger variant with an additional board that can hold a D-cell battery or be used with an external power supply (order number: 8000082).

Revision 2 runs firmware with major releases of 6, so anything like 6.x.x. For instruction on this device, please refer to the Deprecated GPS-Tracker HW2 manual.

Order number: 8000014
Hardware Revision 2 Order number: 8000082
Hardware Revision 2 with D-Cell

Previous Revision: HW v1

The initial revision of the Lobaro LoRaWAN GPS-Tracker was build with a small addon board, similar to revision 2, but with a different layout. The strip is labeled Lobaro GPS Rev1. You can identify it by the big brown square block on the addon strip and also by the green and black cable (not blue) connecting the addon (see the image below).

Revision 1 used the firmware up to major version 5. For instructions on usage of the device, please refer to the Deprecated GPS-Tracker HW1 manual (pdf) or, if you are still using firmware 4, to Deprecated GPS-Tracker HW1 FW4 manual (pdf).

Hardware Revision 1