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Object identification system (OBIS) Codes are used to identify the different readings of a smart meter transferred in Smart Message Language (SML). They are described in the international standard IEC 62056-61.


Every code consists of 6 separated group sub-identifiers. In general some of these identifiers may be omitted but our products require the full code. The basic pattern is:


group description examples
A medium 1 = electricity, 8 = water
B channel 0 = no channel available
C physical unit, depends on A power, current, voltage...
D measurement type, depends on A and C maximum, current value, energy...
E tariff 0 = total, 1 = tariff 1, 2 = tariff 2 ...
F separate values defined by A-E billing periods, 255 if not used


1-0:1.8.0*255 Positive active energy (A+) total [kWh]
1-0:3.8.1*255 Positive reactive energy (Q+) in tariff T1 [kvarh]