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This site is the new upcoming central documentation for IoT products of Lobaro GmbH.


Lobaro IoT Sensors

Sensor Name RF-Technology Target Measurement / Purpose
wireless M-Bus NB-IoT Gateway NB-IoT wMBus enabled meter reading
wireless M-Bus Bridge V2 LoRaWAN wMBus enabled meter reading
Modbus LoRaWAN Bridge LoRaWAN RS485 ModBus readout
EDL21 Electricity meter LoRaWAN Bridge LoRaWAN Electricity meter readout
Multi Temperature Sensor Box LoRaWAN Read multiple temperature sensors
GPS Tracker LoRaWAN LoRaWAN GPS Tracker with motion detection
Usonic LoRaWAN Sensor LoRaWAN Ultrasonic object / distance detection
Environment LoRaWAN Sensor LoRaWAN Humidity, Temperature, and Air Pressure sensor
Humidity & Temperature LoRaWAN Sensor LoRaWAN Humidity and Temperature external probe
Pressure LoRaWAN Sensor LoRaWAN Measurement of liquid / water level

LoRaWAN® is a mark used under license from the LoRa Alliance®.

Firmware Release Notifications

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Configuration / Setup

Tool Name Technology Purpose
Lobaro USB config adapter USB Sensor USB interface
Lobaro Maintenance Tool Win, Mac, Linux Device configuration & diagnostics for all Lobaro devices

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