This site is the new upcoming central documentation for IoT products of Lobaro GmbH.


Lobaro IoT Sensoren

Sensor Name RF-Technology Target Measurement / Purpose
wMBUS LoRaWAN Bridge LoRaWAN wMBUS enabled meter reading
Modbus LoRaWAN Bridge LoRaWAN RS485 ModBus readout
EDL21 Electricity meter LoRaWAN Bridge LoRaWAN Electricity meter readout
1-Wire LoRaWAN Bridge LoRaWAN Read multiple temperature sensors
GPS Tracker LoRaWAN LoRaWAN GPS Tracker with motion detection
Usonic LoRaWAN Sensor LoRaWAN Ultrasonic object / distance detection
Humidity & Temperature LoRaWAN Sensor LoRaWAN Humidity and Temperature probe
Pressure LoRaWAN Sensor LoRaWAN Measurement of liquid / water level


Configuration / Setup

Tool Name Technology Purpose
Lobaro USB config adapter USB Sensor USB interface
Lobaro Maintenance Tool Win, Mac, Linux Device configuration & diagnostics for all Lobaro devices

Background Knowledge